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About Project ONE

Project ONE is an investment by INEOS in the Antwerp chemical sector for the construction of an ethane and PDH installation. With a budget of over 3 billion euros, it is the largest investment in European chemistry in more than 20 years. The plants will produce ethylene and propylene, the building blocks for essential chemical products that are part of everyday life. Indeed, ethylene and propylene are used for applications in various sectors such as automotive, construction, energy and medical. These include pipes for the transport of drinking water and gas, insulation material, textiles, solar panels, lubricants and blades for wind turbines, but also sterile packaging, MRI scanners, recyclable packaging and lightweight parts for cars.

Project ONE will set the standard for the chemical sector in Europe by using the most advanced techniques. In particular, the investment will be groundbreaking in terms of energy efficiency and will have a footprint that is only half that of existing similar installations in Europe.

INEOS already employs 2,500 people in Belgium at 9 different sites. With Project ONE, 450 jobs will be created directly, five times of which indirectly.

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